Kasey Chambers On The Fortune Cookie That Shaped Her Career

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She was truly humbled by that cookie!

Aussie music legend Kasey Chambers popped into the Nova Studios to play Quick Draw

Before she got to the game, Kasey told Kate, Tim & Marty about a particular moment early in her career. 

"I’m only meeting you for the first time abut you seem incredibly genuine, and, that is not always the case when we meet people like yourself – there must have been a point where you’ve just gone, ‘I’m just doing this!’" Marty asked. 

Kasey replied with a truly hilarious story:

"You know, I reckon sometimes we all over analyse things a whole lot and take ourselves a little bit too seriously sometimes, and I remember when I made The Captain album...[with] one of my favourite singer songwriters on the album, Buddy Miller [in Nashville].

"[Buddy] took me to this Chinese restaurant around the corner of his house, and at the end of the meal he gave me a fortune cookie, and I had this big moment where this will be a changing moment in my life, and whatever fortune this says, is going to set the tone for me forever, and I’m going to live by this, because this is one of the biggest times in my life – I just made my debut album, and worked all day with my biggest inspiration, and here it is – so I opened up this fortune cookie and it said…

“You love Chinese food.”

Yep, Kasey Chambers was humbled by a fortune cookie.

"I actually said.. you know what.. they’re right! I do really love Chinese food! And I’m going to live by that!"

"It's that simple, I sing songs and eat Chinese food," Kasey said.

All in all, a pretty good life lesson.

Watch Kasey take on Kate in Quick Draw!

Written By Madeline Muir
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