Illy Clears Up The One Thing He Hates Getting Asked About

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It’s come up a lot during his recent press tour...

There’s one little bit of info that gets brought up in almost every one of Illy’s interviews.

It’s that he speaks four languages… And it’s not true, folks!

Illy popped by the Kate, Tim & Marty studios to put that rumour to bed (and also to play a game of Quick Draw):

“I’ve spent this whole… press run the last couple of months explaining that I said that once in an interview,” Illy said.

“As a joke,” Marty clarified.

“Yeah as a joke, like seven years ago, dude! And I still get asked about it… it’s crazy, I wish that I never said it.” Illy said.

“Why did you make it up, what was the question before you said that?” Tim asked.

“The question was tell us something interesting, just one of those generic questions, like what’s something we wouldn’t know about you and … it was at the end of hours of it all, and I just said ‘Ooh, I speak four languages’ .” Illy said.

So there you have it! britney_that_is_false.gif

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet (except, you know, this of course).

WATCH: Illy take on Kate Ritchie in Quick Draw!

Written By Madeline Muir
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