5 things that can happen to your body when you stop showering...

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Shower Head

No. No no no no.

We all know that it's important to have a shower, every day if possible, but just how important is it actually?

What happens to your body if you don't take a shower or bath?

A recent article on Huffington Post broke it down, and we want to share it with you here - be warned, it's pretty gross.

The thing about the way we live nowadays, at least for most people, is that we have much better access to running water, and can push it through our pipes fast enough to literally shower ourselves with water to clean our disgusting, filthy bodies. So this means, that compared to Medieval times, we're all cleaning ourselves much, much more.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that we have to shower every single day; skin type, hair type and many other factors will dictate the right number of showers a person will need to take, but for an average person, showering even as rarely as once every two or three days might be enough to keep your cleanliness in check.

But to cut showering out altogether, even for a month, would make some pretty drastic changes - and here's the quickest list of the biggest reasons to break out the cleansing puff tomorrow morning...



On any given day, your skin is covered in lots of bacteria, and most of them are your friends, doing their thing for your skin to keep you healthy, and filling up the space that 'bad' germs might take up. If you don't take a shower, harmful bacteria that can be there can make it's way into your body through your eyes, mouth, or nose - and that's when you get sick!


On top of the germs making you sick, there's a possibility that some of the bacteria and funghi can cause skin infections if you're not properly washing them away!


The thing about washing is, it literally gets the dirt off your body, and if you've ever seen a cartoon of a hobo, you know that those grey/brown stripes build up more and more and you actually start to look dirty, which is also bad for you.


Body odour happens when bacteria breaks down the chemical compounds in your sweat and starts to release gross smelling chemical byproducts.

If you don't wash off your sweat (and some of the bacteria) the whole thing will just get out of control, and you'll notice your friends keep their distance. Literally.


There's a pretty clear word right there in the Latin sounding name - 'neglect'. Dermatologists use this term for the skin condition dermatitis brought on by 'inadequate frictional cleansing', meaning you didn't wash and you certainly didn't scrub!!

So we hope this list has given you good enough to get your shower on of a morning, or even of an evening - it's your call, just stay clean, OK??

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Written By Andy Zito