Hayfever? This app will let you know when it's safe to go outside!

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Oh man, doesn't it just feel like your eyes are itchy all the time at the moment?

Plus the sneezing, god help us, the sneezing.

Hayfever in Melbourne is a reality for a lot of people, but if you noticed it seemed to be going on and on (and on) this year, you're not the only one.

Last week, Melbourne recorded its highest pollen count for 3 years, with an 'extreme' pollen count, clocking in at about 154 grass pollen grains per cubic metre!

Just to give you some context, a pollen count of about 50 is considered 'high', so THREE TIMES THAT is a bit ridiculous - like, how many grass pollen grains can you actually fit in a cubic metre of air?

I mean, live your life and everything, but sitting in long grass? You're asking for trouble. Image | Getty


But never fear, hayfever sufferers, Ed Newbigin from Melbourne Uni's Botany department has you covered, and they've teamed up with the Asthma Foundation Victoria to create the 'Melbourne Pollen Count and Forecast', which is a free app (and website) that can help you decide whether it's worth leaving the house or making sure you're dosed up on your nasal spray.

Professor Newbigin has said that this hayfever season would be worse than normal, particularly due to the high amount of rain we've had in Melbourne over the winter, which gets all the ryegrass growing, and sends all that delicious pollen up into the atmosphere and our noses.

This week should be a little more tolerable, but here's hoping the summer will stick its head around soon and we can ditch the hankies!

Are you a hayfever sufferer? Would the app be helpful to you?

Written By Andy Zito

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