Sophie Turner To Play Music Superstar In New Movie

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After Game of Thrones and Dark Phoenix, everyone’s waiting on Sophie Turner’s next move.

And it looks like she’s just revealed it!

Speaking to Fitzy & Wippa yesterday, the legendary Boy George suggested Sophie could play him in a movie. 

"It’s really strange but that’s been a suggestion. I think that will upset people, which I quite like. 'Oh she can’t play you, she’s a woman.'"

"But, you know, when I was 17 I would have loved to be her. That was the ambition!"

It makes sense, given how surprisingly similar the pair look, but we figured it would never happen.

Until Sophie revealed she’s totally down for the role!

Soooooo we’ll just be over here patiently waiting for tickets to go on sale.

Image: Getty/Vera Andrerson

Written By Cassie Crofts


She kept Timm's ring!

*Mic drop*