Roxy Jacenko reveals the crazy way she snuck money to her husband in jail

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It's like something out of a movie!

It's no secret that Roxy Jacenko's husband, Oliver Curtis, did a stint in prison recently, something that took quite a toll on the PR queen.

Doing time behind bars certainly isn't easy (not that we'd know) but Roxy had a super-crazy way to help Oliver out during his time in the cage.

Stopping by Nova this stormy Sydney morning for a chat with Fitzy and Wippa, Roxy revealed that she managed to sneak money to Oliver just as he was about to go to jail.

But it wasn't baked into a cake or anything like that.

No, what Roxy did was sew a "couple of hundred dollars" into the lining of his suit jacket.

"A friend of mine did tell me, actually, that having some money in prison when you first get there is very beneficial, so I may have put a couple of hundred dollars - well stitched it - into the lining of his jacket." 

Explaining why she did what she did, Roxy explains that Oliver was "strip-searched" before being sent to jail and had everything taken from him.

"[Oliver] actually went from the court in the city and was taken into Surry Hills, the holding cells there, and he was there for two weeks.

"They take everything, like your shoelaces, your belt, your tie and whatever else."

Elaborating what use does money have in prison, Roxy explains that prisoners work jobs and earn a minimum wage and that money is good for buying useful things like food and blankets. 

"You need it for buy-ups. If it's freezing cold, you get a doona, you get food."


Seriously, that sounds like something straight out of a prison movie.

The conversation eventually turned back to Roxy's new book, titled Roxy's Little Black Book of Tips and Tricks, but that "sneaking money into jail" story had us completely hooked.

Talk about learning something new and crazy everyday!

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