Liam Payne Gets Real About A 1D Reunion

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"Whether or not we're too different now I don't really know"


We gotta give it to the 1D boys, they managed to steal our hearts both as a boy band and as solo artists - which, is NOT an easy thing to do.

This morning, former band member Liam Payne joined Fitzy & Wippa to celebrate his new tune ‘Stack It Up’ and let’s just say that no question was off limits for the team *cough* reunion *cough*.

The singer opened up about his fashion disasters, the Biebs, his solo career and the chances of a One Direction reunion, which (thankfully) isn’t off the table just yet.

Catch up on the latest Fitzy & Wippa podcast:

Sare confronted Liam about Harry Styles (allegedly) saying that the boy’s solo music could be too different for them to reunite.

And yes, Liam’s response was perfect:

“ I haven’t seen or heard from Harry in quite some time now actually which is fine you know everyone deserves their space, I think it’s good. I’m just really grateful more than anything that we are literally the first band to have each member be successful in their own right as solo artists, Liam said.

At the same time, would I like to get back together? Yeah, definitely Whether or not we’re too different now I don’t really know, I don’t see why there is no common path we can’t kind of meet on to figure out what we had once,” he added.

He continued, by saying that the lads’ solo sounds are still quite similar to 1D’s style of music and even hinted that Niall Horan’s ‘Slow Hands’ could be performed by them on stage:

“There is still a common link between our stuff… I don’t think that Harry is a million miles away from what One Direction sounded like, I think he’s still got a lot of the characteristics of it. It’s just a more grown up version and also maybe a little bit more rockier”, Liam shared.

“I feel like Niall’s the most suited to like, where One Direction sit, like I always felt like ‘Slow Hands’ we could all kind of do together in a concert. I don’t see why there is any reason why we can’t but if that’s the way he [Harry] feels, that’s kind of up to him really,” he continued.

Is it just us or will anyone else be dreaming of 1D singing ‘Slow Hands’ tonight?

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