Kick off summer with Fitzy’s ultimate road trip playlist

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There aren’t many people who love music as much as Fitzy.

So, him and the family have put together a playlist of the greatest car singalongs on Apple Music that's filled with rock classics and Aussie faves that are perfect for back-seat head-banging and karaoke.

Here are a few of their top picks:

“Dreams”, Fleetwood Mac: “Dad's pick and the No. 1 ultimate road-trip song of all time.”

“Can I Kick it?”, A Tribe Called Quest: “Mum can rap the whole song. It's very entertaining for any road trip.”

“We Are the Champions”, Queen: “It's the perfect singalong after your footy team wins.”

“Hold On”, Wilson Phillips: “This is my wife Belinda's choice, she loves singing it at the top of her voice.”

“Close to Me”, The Cure: “This is my favourite song of all time. I got given a cassette by The Cure in high school and it changed my life.”

“Let's Go Surfing”, The Drums: “The perfect summer song, and the kids love it. Time to go to the beach.”

“Rah Rah Radio”, The Delta Riggs: “If this song doesn't get you going in the car, nothing will.”

Written By Cassie Crofts

“Were you trying to rap, or talking out of your clacker?”

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