BREAKING: Meghan Markle’s dad pulls out of the royal wedding after heart attack

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So sad.

It’s the final countdown before the royal wedding and Meghan Markle should be having the time of her life.

But Prince Harry’s fiancé has been dealt a major blow in the final days before she walks down the aisle.

According to TMZ, her father Thomas Markle has revealed he won’t be at her side on the big day after suffering a heart attack.

Despite being in poor health, Thomas reportedly still planned on attending the wedding until he was caught staging paparazzi photos.

He’s told the gossip site he “meant no harm” to his daughter and the royal family when he agreed to let a photography agency take pics of him preparing for the wedding.

While he claims money wasn’t the primary motivation, Meghan’s dad was allegedly paid $100,000 for the deal.

Thomas says the paparazzi agency approached him, offered him money and he figured there was no harm in it and it would help recast his image. 

And now Meghan’s estranged half-sister has come out in defense of Thomas, telling Loose Women it’s all her fault.

"I have to say, I am entirely the culprit. As we know the media can take very unflattering photographs of people on their casual days and blow it way out of proportion. I said, 'You know, the world has no idea you're getting in shape, doing healthy things. They don't photograph you buying vegetables and PH water. They photograph you as unflattering ways as they can.' I said, 'Really, you need to show the world that you're getting in shape and doing great healthy things.' So, I suggested it." 

UPDATE: Kensington Palace have officially responded to the news, saying, "this is a deeply personal moment" and "she and Prince Harry ask for understanding and respect to be extended to Mr. Markle in this difficult situation."

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