Your Fave Former One Directioner Just Posed Nude For The 'Gram

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Former One Directioner Liam Payne has decided to eschew clothes for one helluva Instagram pic.

Photographer Mert Alas posted the casual snap with the caption “get of [sic] my chair @LiamPayne #Berlin #ComingSoon.”

And... actually, enough chat. Check it out for yourself:

The posts' comment section are filled with thirst including comments like, “I wish i was a chair” and “He could sit there forever." Which, feels. 

And you thought your work day was going to be same-same.

P.S. For those keeping track, we’re just waiting for a tush flash from Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik.

Image: YouTube / One Direction

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Written By Ally Parker

Now it all makes sense.

“But you did not get to see Jules' bad sides.”

Holes! Sister Act! The Simpsons Movie!