You Definitely Missed This Epic Queer Eye Cameo In Stranger Things 3

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We’re not crying, you’re crying. 

Stranger Things and Queer Eye are two of the biggest shows on Netflix. 

One is a supernatural x horror TV show about a bunch of kids in the ‘80s, and the other is about a bunch of queer guys travelling around present-day USA making over people’s lives. 

They couldn’t be more different. And yet, the thought of a Stranger Things x Queer Eye cameo excites us. 

Especially this one ‘cause it’s so cute and wholesome. 

But first, let us backtrack a second. 

Do you remember William Mahnken from Queer Eye Season 2? You probably don’t know him by name but he was this guy: 

Who becomes this guy: 

Ol’ mate enlisted the help of the Fab 5 to organise his life and get him looking schmick so he could propose to his girlfriend, Shannan. 

Remember it now? So cute. 

Well, it seems Will has been on the up and up since Queer Eye because he featured in the latest season of Stranger Things. 

Missed it? William is in the show’s premiere episode as one of the Hawkins Post editors who teases Nancy with his fellow sexist colleagues as she tries to chase her dreams of being a journalist.

He appears again in the second episode of the season with Shannan, when Hopper gets stood up in a fancy restaurant. 

You know what they say about couples that act in ‘80s shows about monsters together - they stay together. 

season 3 netflix GIF by Queer Eye

Images: Stranger Things / Netflix, Queer Eye / Netflix, Giphy / Giphy. 


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