Yas Queen! Sarah 'Fergie' Ferguson Is Back With Prince Andrew And She's Introducing The Royals To "Friends With Benefits"

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A royal insider is spilling the tea!

Hold on to your very elaborate hats royal watchers, because this one is SERIOUSLY juicy.

Sarah 'Fergie' Ferguson, Duchess of York and original queen of royal controversy is back in a big way.

Rumours of her reuniting was former husband Prince Andrew are all but true, and that they’re long-standing friendship has once again evolved into something more.

ITV Royal Editor Chris Ship hinted at the news earlier this week, and celebrity journalist Dan Wootton has gone and blown the story wide open. 

He’s reporting that an insider shared with him that “...this is a weird set-up. There were times they were both seeing other people down either end of the house - a classic example of an old-style aristocratic relationship.

“The critical thing is that neither of them is seeing anyone else at the moment. Officially they’re very good friends with benefits."

Good to know love can be rekindled at nearly 60 years of age!

The pair were married in 1986 after four months of engagement. Prince William was even part of the bridal party, serving as page boy at the very young age of four-years-old.

Fergie and Prince Andrew were shown off to the Commonwealth, popping down to Australia in 1988 for the World Expo.

But cut to 1992, and Andrew’s naval career and Fergie’s alleged antics in the company of other men had taken a toll. They officially divorced in 1996 - the same year as Princess Diana and Prince Charles also divorced.

They’ve been happily living separated under the same roof ever since, absolutely nailing the idea of “co-parenting” before we knew it was a thing.

They watched on together as their youngest daughter Eugenie got married in October last year. Was this when the sparks begun to fly again perhaps?

Whatever happens next, this updated fairytale is a story we are here for!

Written By Elise Ferrari

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