What has Zac Efron done to his beautiful face?!

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Zac Efron


Guys, we have some shocking news for you, Zac Efron, doesn't look like this anymore:

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Or like this:

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It seems our boyfriend has gone and got a role in a movie directed by the same guy that made Spring Breakers, Harmony Korine, and he's totally changed his appearance. The star's now got blonde hair, and very strange facial hair. 

In the photos that are going around of Zac in character, he's also wearing a denim vest with various religious patches stuck on it saying things like "Prayer warrior," "I'm not perfect, just forgiven," and "Jesus is lord".

The movie's called The Beach Bum and it looks like it's going to put a few of us off Zac for a while...

Of course, the Internet has thoughts on the matter:

Apparently, the character's name is Flicker and Matthew McConaughey will also be in the film playing a character called Moondog. The plot's under wraps, but it'll likely be a pretty wild ride! 

Image: Zac Efron/Instagram


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