The Wardrobe Malfunction We All Missed During The MAFS Reunion Dinner

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It wasn't just Cyrell and Martha who needed new clothes.

It wasn't just Cyrell and Martha who had a wardrobe malfunction during last night's episode. 

Jules Robinson had to change into an emergency outfit last night, but you might have missed it with all the wine throwing. 

Before lovebirds Jules and Cameron Merchant announced their engagement during the reunion, there were some BTS issues.

Jules took to Instagram on Sunday night to reveal she had planned to wear a different dress to make the big announcement on Sunday. 

"After a wardrobe malfunction, I had to wear my dress for the next day." 

First world problems. 

Jules then shared a picture of the dress she was supposed to wear with a gif of Oprah crying, explaining to her followers that the zip broke. 

"This WAS my final dinner party dress!"

But when you've got a ring on your finger and basically won Married At First Sight (because they're most likely the only couple who will stay together) who cares about a stuffed zip? 

"It's been six weeks since we left the experiment, and we're still engaged."

Cameron is over the moon:

"Things have been incredible and we've moved in together."

Meanwhile, Martha and Cyrell are still dabbing their dresses with soda water. 


Things got a little chilly in the Fitzy and Wippa studio when previous MAFS contestant Dean Wells had it out with Mike on air:

Written By Christina Cavaleri

This will fill that GoT shaped hole in your heart!

They’re “putting the band back together.”

"To my fans, if you really love me..."