The Voice Is Copping Huge Backlash Following Finale Result

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People are saying it’s “rigged”

The Voice, like all good reality TV comps, relies on viewer voting to decide who the winner is. 

But gone are the days of sending a text message to a random mobile number “which is flashing up on the screen now”.

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Instead, people now vote online. Simple enough until the website crashes during the grand finale, which is exactly what happened on The Voice Australia last night. 

Diana Rouvas from Team George - that’s Boy George FYI -  won the competition. If you ask me, it was a deserving win - the lady is a powerhouse.

But despite her gold set of pipes, viewers aren’t so pleased and are accusing the competition of being “rigged” due to the website crashing before voting closed. 

Depsite the hullabaloo, a Channel Nine representative told The Daily Mail that the issue was not widespread and therefore did not have a massive impact on the final outcome. 

“Hundreds of thousands of votes have been coming through during tonight's show which has caused some technical problems for a small number of viewers, however votes are continuing to flow through,” they told the publication. 

Gotta love technology - constantly complicating things when it’s supposed to make life easier. 

Congrats on the win, Diana. Technical difficulties or not, you’re a deserving champion.

Images: The Voice AU / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy. 


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