Viewers Fuming At 'False' Bachie Promo

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It's been **check's watch** two weeks since we first copped a glimpse at this season's Bachie walk out. 

And this past week in particular has seen a ramp up of promos. We've tears, fights and even Matt Agnew's best teacher voice come out to play.

A promo from Wednesday spelled it out pretty clearly:

So, pretty much all of Australia expected The Big Fight to happen during Thursday night's episode but only thing is... it didn't.

We saw one promised scene, the steamy makeout sesh with Abbie - but the Mr. Agnew bit? The dummy spit? The 'waste of time' line? Missing.

And Twitter was not amused:

And that's just a snapshot.

It looks like we might (???) get the infamous walkout scene next week with promos from Thursday night's episode revealing the role Monique will play in the altercation.

But honestly? Who knows. Well played guys.


Image: The Bachelor / Channel Ten

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Written By Ally Parker