The Veronicas Reveal The Reason They Stopped Speaking To Each Other For A Hot Minute

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We didn’t see this one coming!

It's fair to say our tween hearts collectively shattered when Australia’s favourite children, The Veronicas, started feuding back in 2016.

Thankfully,  our hearts fused back together when they eventually fused back together. Because they are identical twins. Whom we love. And feel connected to. Okay... we digress.

We never did find out why the sisters stopped talking. But now, people, we have answers. 

Catch up on the latest Fitzy & Wippa podcast (story continues):

Speaking to ahead of the release of their reality TV show The Veronicas: Blood is for Life, Lisa let loose about the sisters’ temporary break up.

“We went through a very difficult time where we weren’t communicating,” Lisa said.

“We weren’t in communication with each other.”

She is, of course, referring to the dreaded summer of 2016… when Jess reunited with ol pal Ruby Rose.

The girls have previously hinted that Ruby was the instigator of the tension in their relationship, with their bond recovering after Jess and Ruby’s nasty split in April 2018.

“We as twin sisters have a bond that cannot really be explained to anybody else. We feel it in the deepest parts of who we are, and even in hard times … I guess somewhere we always knew that.”

Lisa said taking time apart allowed the sisters to appreciate their bond on another level.

“A lot of things happened around that time that put things into perspective,” she said, referring to their mother’s dementia diagnosis, that also delayed the release of their upcoming fourth album.

“That makes us appreciate now what we have in our lives. We have this unbreakable bond that’s really prevailed.”

*Cue the Untouched violins.*

Image: Getty/Chris Hyde, Giphy, Instagram/Jessica Origliasso

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