US Bachelor contestant fakes Aussie accent and the Internet is not happy

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We all know how great it is to be Australian right?

Well, one US Bachelor contestant has caused waves through the Internet when she faked an Aussie accent to make a a good first impression.

Bri Barnes walked up to the Bachie, Colton Underwood and pulled out the worst Aussie accent, but do you know what's even more disappointing, it looks like Underwood fell for it.

Colton said he “loves” her accent before it cuts to an interview with Barnes admitting she is not really Australian. 

We're not sure if the accent is going to work in her favour, does she really want to stand out as a liar?


We just ‘ADORE’ having Amy Shark in Nova’s Red Room. Check it out below, it’s a lot better than our pun.

Written By Christina Cavaleri

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