Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich are apparently living separately?

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Trouble in paradise was the rumoured status of season 2 Bachelor couple Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards. Here’s what Tim had to say about this...

So yesterday, rumours spread like wild fire that Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich are living separately… With tongues wagging that things are on the rocks.

Late last night, fitness guru Robards took to Instagram to inform his huge fan following that he and his happily-ever-after are still very much all-systems-go.

He captioned the image:

The term 'Heated argument' ... Actually means 'god I'm full, no I don't want your last piece of steak thanks'

The term 'tensions so high they didn't finish food' actually means... 'Anna the chip thief finished off my last sweet potato fries!

'Tim, 32' actually means 'Tim is looking amaze balls for 33 haha..'

'Seen moving boxes from their apartment' actually means 'was snapped outside work taking his weekly supply of#TRM youfoodz meals home with him'

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The 33-year-old chiropractor has obviously made it quite clear that he and 29-year-old Heinrich are still very much going steady.

It wouldn't make sense anyway, we just found out they have launched their own YouTube channel, after all!?

We’re actually hanging out for a proposal… It has, after all, been two and a half years! 

Here’s there first encounter with Fitzy and Wippa as a couple after Anna won - oh how far they’ve come!

Written By Emily Whitham