These Theories Explain That Intense Stranger Things Ending

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Finally, some answers. 

WARNING: This article WILL contain spoilers. If you haven’t yet watched Stranger Things 3 then stop, drop, and do so right now. 

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Stranger Things 3. What an emotional rollercoaster of a wild time, amirite?

The season was epic for so many amazing reasons, until it ripped our hearts from our chests by killing off Hopper right at the end. 

Just when we thought everything would be okay and the big bad monster/Russians had been defeated. 

But there are theories swirling around the internet that Hopper isn’t actually dead. 

Even though his arc came full circle, even though he gave an emotional monologue, even though El got to hear how much he loved her, even though he was standing right next to the portal-key-thing when it exploded, apparently he’s still around and kicking. 

Let’s break it down, shall we? 

The first rule when it comes to death in TV and movies = if you don’t see the body, they ain’t dead. 

Obviously, in this case, it makes sense for there to not be a body because Hopper would have been totally obliterated by the explosion. 

But also, looking back on past Stranger Things deaths, this theory holds up.

When we thought Eleven had died she turned out to still be alive. And then, when Bob Newby died he really, really died in full gory detail. 

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So, no body = not dead. 

If Hopper, is still alive, that brings us to the how- how could he still be alive? 

Some theories suggest that Hopper slipped into The Upside Down right before the portal-key exploded. 

Reddit users shared a side-by-side photo of two camera shots which prove Hopper escaped the line of fire just in time: 

Some people also think Hopper may have been taken by the Russians which would explain who the “American” is in the post credits scene. 

Or that maybe the blast transported him to Russia. 

Or maybe the Russians smuggled him away just in time. 

Whatever the truth is, we’ll surely get some answers in Stranger Things 4. 

“The truth is we’re definitely going four seasons and there’s very much the possibility of a fifth,” Stranger Things Executive Producer Shawn Levy told Entertainment Weekly.

Seasons one to three of Stranger Things are available to watch now on Netflix

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