Terry Crews just dropped big news about Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6

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If you're anything like us, you heard Brooklyn Nine-Nine was coming back for a sixth season and just about keeled over with joy.

We thought it was a goner, it came back from the dead, there are no words...

No. Words.

But we digress. The sixth season is set to drop - Friday January 11 at 8.30pm on SBS VICELAND if you haven't memorised that just yet - and you know what that means!

Juicy, juicy gossip.

Pedestrian.TV spoke with Terry Crews, who plays Sergeant Terry Crews on the series, who confirmed that yes, there will be a #MeToo episode (which IRL Terry was very vocal about advocating for and as a part of which he also shared his own experiences) and yes, Chelsea Peretti (Gina Linetti) will be departing the show as a regular cast member.

"All those rumours are true," Terry told the publication.

"There is a #MeToo episode, Chelsea Perretti did decide to — I wouldn’t say she’s leaving, she’s just kind of taking a little break, she’ll be coming back and forth and guest starring. She’s always a part of the Nine-Nine family. She’ll hop in and hop out, I’ll never say she’s gone."

"I back at look at certain episodes and even thought they haven’t been named as such, we did deal with homophobia, we deal with toxic masculinity – when you look at the Vulture (Dean Winters) he’s the perfect example of a toxic man – we’ve dealt with things in a funny and revealing way," he added, touching on the subject-choice of #MeToo.

"Our episode dealing with #MeToo does it in a very Brooklyn Nine-Nine way."

"For Terry Jeffords this season, he’s got three kids — he’s up from two from when the show started — and he’s trying to advance his life. Everyone’s trying to get to the next level. The Captain’s trying to get promoted, Amy‘s got promoted and now it’s on Terry, it’s his search for what’s next. That’s what I love about this show, is that everyone is trying to get to the next place," he continued.

Now then. Once more with feeling:

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Written By Ally Parker