Taylor Swift's new lavish music video is making headlines today

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Did you spot the dig at Kanye?

YES! Finally another Taylor Swift video to dissect, just what we wanted this weekend.

This is now the third single into the promotional campaign for Reputation and each song is causing a stir.

The video for the album’s first single, Look What You Made Me Do, had everyone talking for ostentatious images of her in a bathtub full of diamonds and of her taking a chainsaw to an aeroplane. 

The new clip for End Game featuring Future and Ed Sheeran released just yesterday shows the lavish lifestyle she lives with her other famous friends.

The clip was filmed in Miami, Tokyo, and London, and follows Swift and her entourage on a three-continent party. We’re all sitting here hoping she holds auditions for her entourage because their life looks legit.

With mates, Future and Ed Sheeran they’re living it up on private yachts with their own pool, partying in their own red bus in London and singing Karaoke in Japan.

The video is #1 on YouTube’s trending list and has already puled in over 10 million views.

Tonight at midnight eastern. #EndGameMusicVideo @future @teddysphotos

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Not going to lie we are loving this clip - did you spot the dig at Kanye?

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