Tammy Hembrow spotted fleeing the country following Kylie Jenner debacle

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News broke last weekend that Tammy Hembrow, an Aussie Instagram model, was the blonde woman rushed to hospital by paramedics - escorted face-down on a stretcher - during Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday party.

Tammy, a casual friend after appearing in a Good American ad with Khloe Kardashian, took to YouTube a few days later to explain, in her words, what happened:

"Firstly I want everyone to know that I'm OK...So yeah I pretty much collapsed. Honestly I'm already like super super embarrassed about it," she said.

"I probably, definitely shouldn't have been drinking because of how jet-lagged and exhausted I was and I already wasn't feeling well.

Since then however, Tammy, 24, has been spotted at Brisbane airport with two-year-old daughter Saskia catching a flight to Bali at 5am. It is believed to be a dodge from media and/or trolls who have attacked her on Instagram and YouTube.

The Queensland mother-of-two (she also has a son named Wolf) owns and runs a popular fitness app called Tammy Fit and has a whopping 8.6 million followers on Instagram, many of whom lashed out at her behaviour, thus the belief that her early morning travels may be troll/hate-related.

She addressed the social media attacks in her YouTube video:

"Another thing I wanted to bring up is people trolling or being nasty or making up things just for no good reason," she said. 

"I could never imagine attacking someone and judging someone for something like this.

"You just never know what someone is going through, it's a reminder to be kind always. There are people who go through worse things than this at the end of the day."

Image: YouTube / Tammy Hembrow


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Written By Ally Parker