Survivor Fans Have Started A GoFundMe Page For Luke And It's Already Over $400K

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Yes Australia!

Survivor fans were left heartbroken last night when their favourite player Luke Toki was voted out at Tribal Council. 

He was unanimously voted out by his three remaining tribemates Pia, Harry and Baden in what Pia says is a "brutal" game. 

"I didn’t expect to have to make a decision that tore me apart like this but Survivor will do that to you,” Pia said.

"At the end of the day we are all out there playing to change our lives and Harry, Baden and I made a choice that was strategically right but morally painful. So send me all your snake emojis and know that I get it."

Many passionate fans have taken to social media to slam Pia's decision:

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However, others have defended her, reminding others she was doing what she had to do in order to try and win the game:

Even though this may be the end of Luke's Survivor journey, Dave Skow, a dedicated fan of Luke, has started a GoFundMe page which at the time of written is at $110,460 in 14 hours. 

The target is a whopping $500,000, the same amount Luke could have won in Survivor.

Many donors left heartfelt messages on the page saying he is "the ultimate sole survivor".

Luke’s story touched hearts around the nation. He is the father of three kids, his two boys have autism spectrum disorder and his newborn baby Madeline was recently diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. She was born just six weeks before Luke went to film this season’s Survivor. His wife Mary has been looking after the children while Luke has been working to the bone in his second attempt at the game.

We’ll be refreshing that page all day today, fingers crossed it gets to $500K.

Image: Survivor via Network 10

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Written By Christina Cavaleri