Survivor Contestant Harry Reveals Jaw-Dropping Weight Loss Post Jungle

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Living in the jungle is no joke, guys. 

This is ever so true for Australian Survivor’s third-placer Harry Hills who went through a massive transformation, losing around 13kg during his time on the show. 

The amateur wrestler spoke to about the intense conditions of the series and the impact it on his mental and social wellbeing.

“Not having any access to your family, in a world where that sort of access is available almost anywhere, is a strange feeling. he told the publication.

“There’s only other players — and every one of them wants to be sole Survivor.”

His shocking weight loss is documented through the show but more so evident in his social media photos.


And he’s not the only contestant to show a massive weight loss journey - many of his fellow contestants, including runner-up Baden Gilbert, lost around significant amounts of weight during their time on the show. 

Baden also spoke about his hardships on the physically demanding show, revealing his experience with severe hunger and the toll it took on his body.

“I really struggled food-wise. I was always hungry, the whole time. Food was a constant struggle. I thought I’d settle into a rhythm where I was used to not having much food, but it was all I thought about,” he told

Basically, saying that life in the jungle is hard would be an understatement. 

Image: Instagram / Hannah Pentreath


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Written By Izzy Cuyuca