Sorry, But We're Pretty Sure The Bachelor Finale Is Already Spoiled

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We had a good (almost) run.

We're so close to the premiere of the latest Bachie we can almost taste the awkward.

And no, we're not just talking about that girl who mistakenly thought 'Astrophysicist' was same-same as 'Astrologist' and answered, "gemini" - P.S. not a great answer even if he was an astrologist TBH.

But we digress.

You see, we're pretty sure this latest trailer shows the deadset winner, no contest.

Between the contestant who thinks Matt's job sounds "fake" and the poor girl who's all tongue-tied over its very pronunciation, comes Chelsie.

Chelsie, 28, Melb gal and chemical engineer.

Louder for people in the back:


Don't believe us? Check it out here:

Yeah, we're going to go puts some casual bets on that on RN.

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Written By Ally Parker

"These past six months since filming have been a very unique experience."

"I can’t ask people to call me that; it just seems really pretentious.”

"He doesn't need an invitation."