Someone’s Trying To Steal Matty J’s Identity And It’s Dodgy AF

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They’re trying to scam followers for money.

When you're one of the most famous and attractive men in Australia, it's likely there are people who wish they were you. 

But in Matty J's case, someone has gone to the effort of trying to actually become him. 

Yes, Matty J has fallen victim to identity theft.

Taking to Instagram, Matty J has shared a screenshot of another account that's using his photos without permission under the name of Cyrus Branson.

"Someone has set up a fake profile trying to get money for fraud investments. Don't trust @branscrus - it's a scam!"

The fake account's bio states Cyrus is a private investor, serial entrepreneur and into global outreach.

It even links to a website with more photos of Matty J. The reality star has asked his followers to report the account as it's already blocked him

Okay Cyrus, time to lay off now. Only one person can be Matty J and we’re pretty happy with the OG one. 

Image: Instagram

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Written By Christina Cavaleri

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