Social Media Slams Waleed Aly For Being A “Sore Loser”

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It comes after his interview with Tom Gleeson.

While the audience sitting on their couch loved Tom Gleeson's Gold Logie speech, the audience at the Logies didn't feel the same way.

Including, the other nominees for the Gold Logie.

And Waleed Aly took it upon himself to stand  up for them.

While interviewing Gold Logie winner Tom on The Project last night, Waleed asked Tom directly if he had "any sympathy" for the six other nominees (*cough* losers *cough*):

"The subtext to the whole campaign was kind of undermining of people who worked really hard on tv for a long time who maybe did want to win it and thought it was far enough they wanted to win it given what they had been through in their careers.

"Do you have any sympathy for those people and that argument?."

Tom disagreed with the statement:

"No I disagree with what you're saying what I was actually having a go at was just the way the awards is put together.

"I mean, it's a popular vote, so you can go and vote however you want, and I just chose to do it in a funny way."

Tom's fans ran to the comedian’s defence labelling Waleed as "salty":

Image: The Project / Network 10


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