Social media going BANANAS over this photo of North West

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So... North West is a full-blown adult now.

Stick with us here, 'cause we know what you're thinking, 'Maybe she's just two kids in a trench coat and Nova has gotten confused'.

But you know what? No.

Kim Kardashian's first baby is all grown up.

Don't believe us? Feast your eyes:


North West is technically five-years-old but tbh, looks like she could do her own taxes and even book her own doctors' appointments (i.e. the true markers of Super Adulthood).

And that's not all. North is also smizing like a damn pro:

And making Tyra proud.

Kim posted the image less than 10 hours ago (at time of writing) and it already has 3.2 million likes and over 20K comments.

A large chunk of these (like... almost all of them) feature phrases like, "She's so big", "OMG time flies" and even, "Who's that?". 

And for those of you all over the Dash news, yes, this is the same run of pics that Kim got flack over (for straightening North's hair). 

P.S. Speaking of hair, did you see what Zac Efron did to his?

Images: Instagram / Kim Kardashian, Getty / Gotham


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Written By Ally Parker