Social media is freaking out about Will Smith in new Aladdin trailer

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Lowkey freaky.

This year's Grammys has been a LOT - you can check it out here - but snuck in among the crazy outfits, OTT peformances and public tonguing (literally all Cardi B) was a little tid bit that should not be missed.

A new Aladdin trailer.

The first teaser for the film (from October 2018) left Will Smith's Genie out - #HotJafar was there instead - but the time has FINALLY come to see Genie 2.0.

Twitter has picked up on the weird vibes (uncanny valley much?) to reflect - in predominately meme format - what we're all feeling:

Entertainment Weekly previously spoke to Will Smith about the role and how it would differ from Robin Williams' portrayal:

"There’s a little bit less mimicking — there’s a James Brown piece that we do but a little bit less mimicking," he explained.

"The thing that will be the major addition from me playing the Genie is the hip-hop base. I think that’ll be fun for people. I think it’ll stand out as unique even in the Disney world. There hasn’t been a lot of that hip-hop flavor in Disney history!"

Which is cool and all but does he have to give us the heebie jeebies?

Aladdin will hit cinemas May 2019.

Image: Aladdin / Disney

Written By Ally Parker