The Simpsons Predicted Game Of Thrones And We Are Shook

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How do they keep doing this?

*WARNING: This story contains spoilers from season 8, episode 5*

They can predict the future. From Donald Trump's presidency to Lady Gaga's halftime Super Bowl performance - creator Matt Groening and his team have called the lot. 

Everyone on the internet has their own theories about the show, like A LOT. But The Simpsons accurately predicted what would happen in this week’s Game of Thrones TWO YEARS AGO. 

It may have come as a surprise to loyal GoT fans who have watched Daenerys’ narrative arc for seven seasons only for it to be shot to hell in one single episode. But not for The Simpsons fam, they already knew she was about to turn cray cray.

Back in 2017 there was an episode entitled 'The Serfsons' which saw Springfield's most loved family take part in a Game of Thrones parody episode and look how it ends: 

Spot. On.

Fans are pretty angry about the turn of events this season, especially now the capital of Westeros has been burnt to the ground. Where are you going to rule from now Daenerys?

All that remains is one single episode in which we'll finally get a few answers as to why. Or will we? That’s not even clear anymore. All that is clear is The Simpsons eerily accurate predictions.

Image: The Simpsons


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Written By Christina Cavaleri