Sia forced to explain herself to furious Aussie fans

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Sia JB Lacroix/WireImage

Now that's what you call dedication.

Aussie singer-songwriter, Sia found herself in a bit of a bind over the weekend when some, er, uncomfortable circumstances delayed one of her Aussie performances. 

The ‘Cheap Thrills’ singer was due to perform in Sydney on Friday but her flight from Melbourne was cancelled as a result of the nasty AF weather the Victorian skies decided to dish out. 

Rather than disappoint fans, Sia and her team decided to drive 13 hours (what a legend) up to Sydney. But just as all of us watching along thought she was home free and set to make her gig, she blew a damn tire. 

The stress of the entire saga obviously got to Sia (because she’s human and of course it did) giving her some serious stomach probs. She updated her fans on the entire experience, and absolutely did not sugar coat anything:

As we’re sure you’d expect, her fans were more than understanding. I mean, the woman made it to the stage despite a cancelled flight, a dud tire and a case of the runs. She's basically a superhero. 

Image: JB Lacroix/WireImage


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