Sex video leak: Seven Year Switch star outed as adult webcam model

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Sexually explicit photos of Seven Year Switch contestant Kaitlyn Isham have circulated online, from her past time as a webcam model.

The 26-year-old Florida native was outed on a US internet forum, after users found out she was appearing on Australian TV.

Kaitlyn, who used the named Silly_Mermaid and Merms while working as a model, isn’t denying the footage is of her. A Channel Seven spokesperson said:

“Kaitlyn is honest about her social website activity which happened several years ago during a very low point in her life.

“As she rebuilt her life and came to terms with the heartbreaking loss of a treasured family member, Kaitlyn took control of mistakes she had made and tried to remove the offending vision that was no longer a truthful representation of her or her life.”

The family member referred to in the statement is her brother Eric, who died in a motorcycle accident in 2010 at the age of 19.

“Regardless of Kaitlyn's well intentioned plan, some people have accessed the old vision and transferred that vision to their hard drives. 

“Some of these people are now offering to sell this vision. Also available via this group is vision they are claiming to be Kaitlyn - in fact it is not Kaitlyn.”

Kaitlyn, now based in Melbourne, is appearing on Seven Year Switch in an attempt to mend her relationship with partner Mark. She has been causing a stir onscreen for flirting with her experimental TV husband Michael.

Written By Hayley