Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia did the cutest thing while watching mum play tennis

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That. Face.

Not sure what you have named as best Instagram of 2018 to be, but we think Serena Williams just got in with a few days left it's taking home the crown.

As many wonder, "what do the Williams' parent do when their daughters are playing each other?"

Well, Serena's adorable daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian has it sorted.

She couldn’t decide whether to support her mum or aunt during an exhibition match in Abu Dhabi — so she settled on both. 

The one-year-old sat on the sidelines applauding both as she watched from her dad Alexis Ohanian’s lap.

Is that not the cutest thing you have seen this year?

Venus Williams loved the video and reposted it on her Instagram story, declaring herself:

"@olympiaohanian’s favorite player :)"

Serena was proud of her daughter's actions:

“That’s a classy baby, you know, she applauds both Mommy and my opponent who happened to be her auntie,” Serena Williams said, according to Sport360. “That was the highlight, seeing her clap, it was so cute.”

Image: Instagram


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Written By Christina Cavaleri