Sarah Hyland reveals surgical scars in fresh Instagram pics

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Living her best life.

You best prep your Jonathan Van Ness hair flip 'cause Sarah Hyland is serving us some REALNESS.

The Modern Family star has had a history of health issues including kidney dysplasia which required a kidney transplant in 2012.

Despite the health woes, Sarah hasn't loss her sass, posting her Independence Day photos to Instagram and Instagram Stories with the hashtag, #scarsondisplay.

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Sarah was hospitalised last month for an unknown health issue so her good spirits are a welcome sight for fans.

She shared a selfie for National Selfie Day stating she was "torn from work" but that health was a priority.

If Sarah's 4th of July party pics are anything to go by, she's feeling much, much better!

To which we say: Huzzah!

Image: Instagram / Sarah Hyland


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Written By Ally Parker