Sam Ball FINALLY Reveals Why He Skipped The Last MAFS Reunion

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"I just didn't want any part..."

There was one very important person missing from Married At First Sight's explosive season finale on Monday night.   

It was none other than Samuel Ball, the one who started the cheating drama trend in the first place!

Where was he, you wonder?

Well, when the last episode aired, he was using his 15 minutes of fame to launch his YouTube 'personality' career aka Sam The Rogue:

Over two million people watched his two-timing antics on MAFS. Yet, a quick Internet search showed that Sam The Rogue has just 225 subscribers on YouTube at the time of writing.

Just saying. 

Anyway, he's come out saying he regrets skipping the finale. Didn't get as many subscribers from the launch as you thought Sammy? 

The footage of Sam being tracked down by A Current Affair aired on Tuesday night, with journalist Reid Butler:

"I just didn't want any part in the show you know brother, the drama.


"I'm just over it.

"I do regret it a bit, I didn't get to say my piece and defend myself.

"I did not want to disrespect Ines, Elizabeth or anyone. I feel bad about the way she felt and seeing her reaction. Anyone who got offended, I'm sorry.

"I disappointed myself, I'm not happy with the way it went."


Merrick Watts makes his return to Nova by playing Kate in Quick Draw:

Written By Christina Cavaleri