‘Sadistic’ Bachelor Date Leaves Girls In Tears

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“You just get heartbroken.”

The Bachelor’s queen of controversy AKA Abbie has revealed that an upcoming group date goes horribly wrong.

Abbie Chatfield told TV Week her world came “crashing down” after an intimate group date, where the Bachelorettes had to witness Matt’s physical connections with their rivals.

"I can almost cry thinking about it now. That was definitely one of the hardest days for all of us," she told the publication.

"Watching each other's different connections, I thought to myself, 'This is a nightmare!' We were so far in – it was quite sadistic."

The reality of the situation is said to have hit home for the final five after the group date, with Abbie claiming they all left in tears.

Catch up on the latest Fitzy & Wippa podcast (story continues):

"We were crying the whole way home. My feelings for Matt are so strong that I was upset.

"Chelsie had to cuddle me while I cried myself to sleep that night in bed. Helena was laughing at me because I was crying so hard my fake tan came off – I was sobbing!"

The controversial Bachelorette is a frontrunner for Matt’s heart, with their steamy chemistry on full display every episode. She says the pressure ahead of hometown visits was intense.

"This isn't a competition – you're not winning a car or house. If you come second or third, you don't win a prize, you just get heartbroken. I'm falling for him pretty fast and hard," she said.

We wonder what Monique and Rachel and Sogand and Elly might have to say about that…

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Written By Isabella Bull