The sad reason Prince Harry and Meghan are moving away from William and Kate

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It's tough but perfectly understandable.

The last few weeks have seen reports come up stating that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are planning to move away from Prince William and Kate Middleton for a mybrid of reasons, such as differing royal responsibilities and rumours of a spat between family members.

And now we have new insight into just why the Royal Family Fab Four are splitting up.

According to the Daily Mail, Harry's marriage to Meghan "hastened" his decision to move away from William at Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage, as well as the lack of a close relationship between Meghan and Kate after all this time.


While it smells of drama, the publication states that there's no bad blood between Meghan and Kate as they're simply very different people.

In addition to differing royal responsiblities and wanting to forge their own path, it is reported that there are also practical reasons for wanting to move to Frogmore.

While reports state that Harry and Meghan were eyeing up the 22-bedroom apartment next to William and Kate, a Daily Mail source states that the extra space at Frogmore is quite appealing for raising their children.

Furthermore, the cost of renovating the place for the couple wouldn't be cheap and would cost around AUD$8 million in taxpayer dollars.

Okay, fair enough.

There's also one last reason for Harry wanting to move away from William: he wants to raise his growing family away from the spotlight and in a less visible manner compared to his older brother.

That...also makes perfect sense.

Given the amount of media attention showered upon William and Kate's children, we certainly don't blame Harry and Meghan for wanting some privacy.

But the most important throughline in all of this is that Harry and William are still close and there is no acrimony between them - they're simply growing up.

The publication also reports that while Harry will have a bit of a commute for work, he plans on being very "hands-on" in regards to his royal duties so it's not like he'll hardly ever see his family.

We get it, people grow up and need to do their own thing at some point. It just means we'll treasure those moments when the Royal Family Fab Four get together that much more!

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