Ryan Reynolds reveals the real reason Blake Lively unfollowed him on Instagram

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“Absolutely terrible.”

Lively unfollowed everyone on her account including her husband and we have been dying to know why he thought about that.

Well, we’re pretty lucky because Smallzy had Lively’s man, Ryan Reynolds on Smallzy’s Surgery tonight to hear about his new film Deadpool 2.

But we also got to hear how devastated he was about the unfollowing act from Lively:

“How are you feeling to by the way, I know the wife unfollowed you on Instagram?”

“It definitely stinks. It’s a terrible way to find out that I’ve been kicked out of the house to be honest. 

“Absolutely terrible.”

Smallzy did note that thank god the kids aren’t old enough to understand the level of shade that unfollowing means in this age. 

“Yea that’s true. 'Mummy unfollowed Daddy on Instagram', my child would just fart and walk away.”

Oh Ryan, don’t ever change. 

Keep an eye out on Smallzy’s Instagram because as you may have noticed the pair spent the duration of the interview drawing each other “like one of their French girls” and the final products are hilarious. 

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