Rupert Grint nearly quit Harry Potter halfway through the franchise

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lol WUT?

Rupert Grint IS Ron Weasley. 

It’s hard to imagine anyone else filling his daggy hand-me-down jumper. 

But, what if we told you it almost happened?

In an interview with The Independent, Rupert revealed he felt “done” after the fourth film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. 

Growing up in the spotlight was tough for the young star. 

Rupert told the publication that he felt a detachment from his peers at school and couldn’t live the “normal” life he wanted. 

“I thought ‘Do I actually want to keep doing this? It’s a bit of a drag.’ Because obviously it’s a big sacrifice. You take for granted anonymity, just doing normal stuff, just going out. Everything was different and a little bit scary.”

Rupert persevered with the films (THANK GOD for that), but told The Independent that he continued to struggle with the paparazzi attention during and after Harry Potter. 

“It’s almost like having a split personality,” he said. 

Grint wasn’t sure if the public loved him as an actor or as his character, Ron Weasley. 

“Sometimes it can be quite dehumanising to have people just taking pictures of you when you’re out. To them, you are just this one thing,” he told the publication. 

“It’s a weird existence. But that’s my life…It becomes normal and you adapt.”

Post-Harry Potter Rupert has gone on to star in a variety of roles. 

One of his most recent is a bludgers throw away from playing the dorky Ron Weasley –Rupert plays a wealthy gangster in the television series Snatch. 

Flying car or not, he’s definitely reaching new heights. 

We’re just relieved he didn’t quit Harry Potter before we got to see Ron and Hermione kiss. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi