Rumour Has It Jessika Power And The Honey Badger Are An Item

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Crossover alert.

Just when you thought the giant melting pot that is reality TV was already messy (Keira Maguire has literally been on THREE reality shows now), along came this tasty rumour slice.

Honey Badger (Bachie) and Jessika Power (MAFS) might be a thing.

NW report a source close to Jess saying the pair are in the "early stages of a hot new romance."

"Jess started following Nick on Instagram way back when he was on The Bachelor. Word is she slid into his DMs after things fizzled with Dan and they've arranged to meet up. She wasn't exactly subtle," the source allegedly told NW.

"She thinks he's really, really hot and let him know it. He's got such a great body. He's big and muscly – which we all know is what Jess loves," they went on to say.

"They're the perfect couple if you ask me. They both don't take themselves too seriously and love having a laugh.

"They'll be the bogan King and Queen of Australia," the source concluded.

^^^ They also sit on couches a fair bit across Insta btw. #PROOF

And that's not all, Jess previously told the same publication, "I find him [Nick Cummins] so funny, so witty, so hilarious. I love his Aussie slang and piss myself laughing when he talks."

The news comes after Daily Mail reported the former contestant has being involved with a Ferrari-driving kickboxer which, we're sure has credence and is not just a super fun thing to say.

Image: Instagram / Jessika Power


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Written By Ally Parker