Rebel Wilson has been slammed for shaming wrong reporter

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Aussie actress and comedian Rebel Wilson has been forced to apologise after going to town on a reporter she THOUGHT was harassing her grandmother.

Rebel Wilson has been left red faced after taking to Twitter to shame a reporter she thought was harassing her grandma. 

In a series of tweets,  the Pitch Perfect star posted a picture of Australian journalist Elizabeth Wilson, accusing her of contacting her Nanna repeatedly…

Turns out the picture was the “wrong Elizabeth Wilson”.

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“This Elizabeth Wilson, it is now confirmed, was the one who harassed my 86 year old frail grandma,” she wrote.

Her actions are so disgraceful and upsetting…”

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After a string of damning tweets, Wilson clearly realised she had posted a picture of the wrong woman.

She then posted a picture of the rightful Elizabeth Wilson.

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Written By Emily Whitham