PSA: Pixar's latest short film Bao is available to watch for free on YouTube

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Warning: you will cry.

Pixar, the animation studio behind all your favourite animated films, usually likes to keep all of its movies and short films off the internet whenever they can help it (or on Stan as of a few days ago).

But it appears the world-renowned studio have had a change of heart.

To promote its latest collection of animated short films, Pixar has decided to release the entirety of its latest (and arguably best) short film, Bao, onto YouTube for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Written and directed by Domee Shi (making her the first woman to helm a Pixar short film), Bao tells a heartwrenching story about a Chinese mother and her relationship with her son, who just so happens to be a pork bun (hence bao as the title).

Now there's a catch to this whole "releasing a Pixar short film onto YouTube for free" thing: it's only available online for a week.

Doing some quick math, that means you've got until around December 24 to watch Bao online before it disappears.

So what are you waiting for, time to get watching (and crying)!

Image credit: Bao/Pixar


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Written By Alexander Pan