PSA: Former Dorothy the Dinosaur, Lauren Hannaford, is hella fit

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And has launched a killer fitness program.

Chances are you'll remember exactly where you were the day you discovered (now former) Dorothy the Dinosaur aka Lauren Hannaford was ridiculously fit and not at all what you expected.

Haven't yet had that glorious moment? Congrats! It's today.

Lauren Hannaford, who played Dorothy for a hot minute (and is married to Red Wiggle Simon Pryce btw) has launched her own fitness program since leaving the group four years ago and spoke to to detail her journey.

And despite what you may think - 'how could a dinosaur even lift bro?' - she's beyond qualified having been an elite gymnast and trainer for years.

“I was always going to end up back in fitness,” she told

“I was coaching gymnastics for years and mixing gymnastics exercises with workouts before coaching.

“One day, I had a whole bunch of people come up to me wanting to do the same thing so I thought I’d better get my personal training certificate.”

Lauren told how she had always planned a career in personal trainer but was spotted by Anthony Field aka the Blue Wiggle:

“Just after I got my personal training certificate, Anthony Field randomly approached me during one of my gymnastic classes. I was coaching his three children.

He saw the way I interacted with kids and my teaching style and asked if I wanted to audition for The Wiggles.”

She was then cast as not only Dorothy but Henry the Octopus and Wags the Dog.

“People don’t realise how heavy the costumes actually are but more importantly you have to be aware of your surroundings — especially the Dorothy costume," she added.

“While you feel like you’re just standing there, you forget you body circumference is much bigger.

“I always had a such a passion for performance, but it wasn’t something I fully pursued, so doing The Wiggles gave me an opportunity to really pursue that passion more strongly."

But her choice to say yes to the opportunity ended up inspiring her new program. With limited access while touring, Lauren had to get creative, a challenge that ultimately became the base of her FHIT empire.

“I had to make exercise a priority in my day so I would decide the night before what time I would train and lock it in and commit to it. I then created workouts for myself that I could do anywhere. Whether it was in a hotel room, backstage at a theatre or in the carpark of the venue.”

FHIT by Lauren Hannaford may have only joined the fitness game six months ago but the program already boasts more than 2000 members.

“The workouts go from five minutes to 45 minutes and can be done from anywhere — it’s mainly for time-poor people — and you don’t need to be in a gym or have any equipment,” she explained to the publication.

“I think people like it because it’s so interactive.

“I gets lot of people emailing about how they find themselves talking back to me on the screen which is quite funny.”

Keen? Check out more here.

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Written By Ally Parker