PSA: Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 is back tonight!

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We have a very important announcement, arguably the most important announcement we've ever given here: Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming back tonight!

In the words of Jake - NOICE!

Get your butts over to SBS VICELAND and SBS ON DEMAND At 8:30pm tonight for the long-awaited season 6 premiere.

As an extra sweet cherry on top (with extra gummi bears), each episode of the upcoming season is being fast-tracked to our TV screens Down Under each week so we get all the latest episodes hot off the freakin' press!

You can probably tell that we're super excited for Brooklyn Nine-Nine's return, especially since it very nearly didn't happen.

As for what kind of shenanigans we can expect from the nine-nine crew this year, Terry Crews recently spilled some goss on the upcoming season and confirmed that Chelsea Perretti is indeed leaving as a regular cast member (tear) but will pop in every now and again, as confirming that the show will tackle the #MeToo movement at some point this year.

"All those rumours are true," Terry told the publication. "There is a #MeToo episode, Chelsea Perretti did decide to — I wouldn’t say she’s leaving, she’s just kind of taking a little break, she’ll be coming back and forth and guest starring. She’s always a part of the Nine-Nine family. She’ll hop in and hop out, I’ll never say she’s gone. 

"I back at look at certain episodes and even thought they haven’t been named as such, we did deal with homophobia, we deal with toxic masculinity – when you look at the Vulture (Dean Winters) he’s the perfect example of a toxic man – we’ve dealt with things in a funny and revealing way.

"Our episode dealing with #MeToo does it in a very Brooklyn Nine-Nine way." 

Remember: 8:30PM on SBS VICELAND and SBS ON DEMAND tonight. Be there or be square.

Image Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine/NBC


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