Prince Harry helping a lost toddler is wholesome AF and you’re welcome

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Our hearts! 

Royal news is great. 

We love the royals. 

Meghan Markle + Prince Harry = goals. 

So when you combine our favourite royals (don’t challenge us on this one) with cute children, we are very excited indeed. 

Well prepare your hearts and your loins (ladies) ‘cause we have the CUTEST story for you. 

While taking a stroll in Government Gardens in Rotorua, New Zealand on Wednesday, Harry stumbled upon a very cute surprise. 


As Harry turned away from an adoring fan he ran into a lost little boy who had squeezed through the metal barriers. 

I mean, we get it, if Harry were near us we’d run towards him too. 

Harry gently guides the toddler by the shoulders and tries to find who he belongs to. 

A video shared on Twitter shows Harry asking “Guys, whose child is this?”  before spotting the toddler’s parents.

Just incase you have any lingering doubts about Harry and Meghan being GREAT parents, then we have one more sweet moment to share with you.

During the same meet-and-greet, Meghan shared a similar moment with a little girl.

Two-year-old Catalina Rivera had also managed to get through the railings and was lucky enough to get a hug from the Duchess.


So yeah, it’s official, Harry and Meghan are set to be wonderful parents.

We’ll be waiting (not so) patiently.

Images: Getty / Dominic Lipinski - PA Images / Contributor, Giphy / Giphy.


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