Pepsi's star-studded Super Bowl ad just won the Internet

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From Cardi B to Steve Carell!

It's the time of year America's sports fanatics look forward to most, Super Bowl Sunday. 

While we're all keen to watch men with enormous shoulder pads run across a field playing a game we have no clue about, we're kinda hanging out for the commercials. 

They're usually star studded, longer than usual and a bigger budget than most independant films.

Pepsi's got a good one for us with the likes of Steve Carell, Cardi B and Lil Jon defended the brand.

A customer orders a coke - yep, Pepsi mentions their main competitor - and the waiter responds with:

"Is Pepsi OK?"

Carell plays a fellow patron in a diner who overhears the question and responds with:

“Is Pepsi ok? Are puppies ok? Is a shooting star ok? Is the laughter of a small child ok?” 

The commercial's definitely giving us all kinds of nostalgia feelings for the OG Pepsi ad with Beyonce, P!nk, Britney Spears and Enrique Iglesias.

We mean it was only the greatest commercial of the 90s and inspired countless Halloween costume ideas.

However, Pepsi hasn't always nailed it with the commercials - remember the Kendall Jenner debacle?

Jenner faced major backlash after the ad titled "Live for Now Moments” hit screens. 

The model notices a passing protest and decided to rip off her wig and join in.

It was called “tone-deaf” and “inappropriate” within minutes of its release.


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Written By Christina Cavaleri