Paulini Curuenavuli faces up to seven years behind bars

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Paulini Curuenavuli

She reportedly bribed a government official.

Tsk, tsk, Paulini Curuenavuli. Well, maybe.

The former Australian Idol contestant was allegedly caught bribing a government employee with $800 to give her a fake, unrestricted NSW driver’s license, despite the fact that she wasn’t actually qualified to drive.

NSW police say they have CCTV footage of her walking into the Roads & Maritime office in Mt Druitt to discuss the deal, and then proof that she transferred the cash into the bank account of the RMA employee. Um, dodgy, much?

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According to the Daily Tele, the employee is already under police investigation for dishing out fake licenses to the Rebels bikie gang and their wider network. No word on how Paulini, who’s not involved in any bikie activity, got the word the employee was her guy.

The singer-turned-actress was the lead actor in Bodyguard: The Musical, which closes in Brisbane this weekend – two days before she needs to be in Sydney to face court.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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