Osher Lets Loose On BIP’s Ivan In Epic Live Tweet Rant

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“If you're at the point where you're punching walls…”

Osher Gunsberg just said what we were all thinking while watching Ivan's behaviour on Bachelor In Paradise last night. 

While live Tweeting during last night's episode, Osher slammed Ivan for his excessive tantrums and referring to Tenille has his "territory to be marked".

Last time we checked, Tenille wasn't a fire hydrant ,so don't be lifting your leg around her Ivan. You've known her for a week mate, calm down. 

Plus, women aren’t “territory”. Period.

Oh, and there's more...

Osher was certainly not holding back in expressing his distaste, and good for him.

If you're loving the drama on BIP, we're sorry to say but it is coming to an end next week. 

There will be a televised cast reunion that BIP fans are able to attend, however, the free tickets have already been snapped up.  

Osher Gunsberg will host the event on Monday, 29 April, with the finale airing on Thursday, 2 May at 8:40pm for a huge two hours and 20 minutes. 

Image: Instagram/Osher_Gunsberg


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Written By Christina Cavaleri