The one scene in Elf that still makes Will Ferrell cry

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Buddy Elf

We still cry after watching it too!

We've made it no secret that we absolutely LOVE the movie Elf. Heck, we love it so much that not only did it recently topped our best Christmas movies of all time list, we still cry whenever we watch it.

As it turns out, we're not the only ones who cry whenever Elf comes on the TV.

In a new Rotten Tomatoes interview celebrating the movie's 15th anniversary, Buddy the elf himself, Will Ferrell, and director Jon Favreau sat down and had a chat about making the movie.

During the chat, Will said that the LA premiere of Elf worked on a level even he "didn't anticipate" before revealing that the waterworks turn on whenever he watches the scene where Buddy is on the back of the sleigh and waving goodbye to everyone.

“At that moment where Buddy is in the back of the sleigh and everyone’s singing in Central Park and there’s enough Christmas spirit to get it lifted off, and he’s waving goodbye. I’m like, ‘Oh, I can’t let everyone see me cry here in my own movie.’” 

Hey Will, we totally feel you.

In addition to funny little tidbits about the making of Elf - the people in New York weren't actors and were genuinely weirded out by Will and his elf costume - Will also revealed his worries that the movie may not work during the filming of some scenes.

“Here I was, running around the streets of New York in yellow tights, thinking to myself, ‘Boy, I do hope this works.’” 

Boy did it work and everyone who worked on Elf should be proud of themselves for bringing the Christmas masterpiece to life.

Image Credit: Elf/New Line Cinema


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Written By Alexander Pan